Wilbert Smith Guest Speaker

Wilbert Smith Ph.D. is an author and award winning filmmaker who strives to capture the essence and power of the human spirit. An outgoing and articulate personality, Wilbert holds a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education, an MBA, a Ph.D. in Business Management, and a Ph.D. in Theology.

“I have had an opportunity to do a number of wonderful things in my life. If I had to pick those that meant the most, they would be the activities that allowed the greatest impact on the lives of young people—the election to my local school board, and my appointment as Director of Child Development Programs by the governor of California.”

Wilbert also served as a prestigious member of California’s Community Colleges Board of Governors, contributing to the establishment of policy and procedure for the state’s more than one hundred community colleges. He has also taught in the School of Business at Community Colleges.

When not writing, filmmaking or adding guidance to the lives of others, Wilbert owns and operates an insurance agency in Altadena, Ca. where he specializes in all lines of insurance.