Our Chapter

Pomona Valley Model A Ford Club

As your hosts, our friendly club would like to extend a warm welcome to the 2019 National Awards Banquet in sunny Southern California. Bring a pair of shorts, some sunscreen, press play and lets get rolling as you get your kicks on Route 66!

Our Board Members

President: Ed Tolman
Vice-President: Steve Yoss
Treasurer: Phyllis Munday
Secretary: Barbara Branam
Membership Secretary: Jennifer Martin
Raffle Chairperson: Edna Blackwell
Newsletter Editor: Kathy Briggs
Correspondence: Barbara Whitton
Social Chairperson: Monika Tolman

Advisory Members

Public Media: Jaye Steinbrick
Technical Advisor: Richard Bronstrup
Regional Rep: Ron Buchanan
Fashion Chair: Karin Woodworth

2019 NAB Committee Members

Chair: Steve Yoss
Vice Chair: Bill Whitmore
Program Chair: Ed Tolman
Public Media: Jaye Steinbrick

Dean & Jennifer Martin
Dennis King
Monika Tolman
Richard & Kathy Briggs
Ron & Edna Blackwell
Olive Moore